1. What makes Liver Dtox Plus so unique?
  2. How does Liver Dtox Plus work?
  3. I'm currently taking supplements and medications, can I take Liver Dtox Plus  together with other supplements and medications?
  4. How Long Can I see improvement?
  5. What is the recommended dosage for Liver Dtox Plus for best results?

1. What makes Liver Dtox Plus so unique?

Liver Dtox Plus is a leading trademark among all the other innovative brands. Liver Dtox Plus combines four precious herbal ingredients - Radix Parkia Speciosa Root, Semen Aracae Nuts, Lycorice Root and Dried Guava. Liver Dtox Plus has become a unique treasure. It has undergone many years of professional studies, product development and testing. One only needs a packet to experience its amazing goodness. 

Liver Dtox Plus effectiveness is related to its entirely natural ingredients of highest quality. It does not contain any stimulants or artificial ingredients. Liver Dtox Plus is suitable for both men and women, though not recommended for pregnant women. As numerous case studies show, taking it once a day keeps our body at its best while restoring its youthfulness.

2. How does Liver Dtox Plus Work?

The natural ingredients in Liver Dtox Plus works by stimulating your pancreas to regulate your blood sugar level, it also soften the accumulated waste and improve muscle activities in colon. Thus, it helps reduce blood sugar, improve digestive system and propels waste in the large intestine to the rectum. Take it regularly to maintain ideal body shape

3. I'm currently taking supplements and medication, can I take Liver Dtox Plus together with these supplements and medications?

Yes. Liver Dtox Plus is made from natural herbs, and until today, there is no scientific proof that consuming herbal and other pharmaceutical products will cause side effects. For best result, it is recommended to wait at least 4 HOURS before taking other supplements and medications. 

4. How long can I see improvement?

The result varies among individuals, generally about 5-6 hours after consuming Liver Dtox Plus, you can expect better bowel movement due to its detoxification effects and it works without serious diarrhea. As for blood sugar, it take about 1-2 months to see good result

5. What is the recommended dosage for Liver Dtox Plus for best results?

Liver Dtox Plus dosage is as below...

  • 1 bag a day after breakfast 
  • For those who have serious constipattion and high blood sugar level, take 1-2 bags a day after meals

* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Seek the advice of a competent health care professional for your specific health concerns. Individual results may vary.